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UnK Judo Academy

Everyone, kids and adults, can learn many practical judo skills. You can learn techniques that you can use in ‘real world’. Master Kang teaches personally many different techniques such as self-defense and aggressive techniques.

Benefits of Judo

Improved fitness and coordination Confidence booster• It can become a way of life!• Long term participation – from under 6’s to over 80’s and much more!
It is very important to start with a qualified judo coach. U&K is registered with US Judo Association and International Judo Federation, the official governing body, which ensures that qualified coaches deliver safe, quality judo instruction to anyone.  
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Private Lesson

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Why Judo

The physical effort and mental absorption required in applying these skills lead the practitioner through a gamut of emotions, ranging from: disappointment, confusion, and frustration, to those of satisfaction, joy, euphoria and accomplishment. Which, to name a few, leads to increased self esteem, improved discipline in daily life, sportsmanship, and an overall feeling of well being.



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