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Master James Kang came from South Korea that has been the most dominant national judo team in the world; won many old medals in world class competitions – consecutively from 1984 LA Olympics to current Olympic games. Master Kang graduated from YougIn University Judo major, the most renowed Judo institution in the world. With his highly judo skills, Master Kang served Korean military as a Special Police Forces. He was nationally renowned Judo Champion this pharmacy medalist in many national competitions. He is both Japanese and Korean style Judo and he is main instructor of U and K with a Dragon belt(Rokudan, 6th degree.)

About Judo

From its humble and obscure beginnings in 1882 from Japan, judo has become an Olympic sport, a recognized system of physical and mental education, and according to the International judo Federation (IJF), it is now one of the, if not the most widely practiced indoor sport in the World.

By experiencing the trials and tribulations within the safe sporting environment of judo, the individual undergoes positive physical and mental changes. From the struggles encountered during judo practice, the individual is challenged with simultaneously executing, and receiving the dynamic judo skills of throwing, falling, holding, choking and arm locking. The physical effort and mental absorption required in applying these skills lead the practitioner through a gamut of emotions, ranging from: disappointment, confusion, and frustration, to those of satisfaction, joy, euphoria and accomplishment. Which, to name a few, leads to increased self esteem, improved discipline in daily life, sportsmanship, and an overall feeling of well being.

Physical Benefits of Judo

1) Agility. nimble, rapid and light movements.
2) Balance. mental and physical equilibrium.
3) Body Power. explosive, integrated body action.
4) Cardiovascular. exercising the heart and blood vessels.
5) Co-ordination. harmonious, attuned physical actions.
6) Distance Judgment. instinctive measurement of correct reach.
7) Endurance. stoic bearing of suffering and hardship.
8) Flexibility. soft, supple, pliable, bendable actions.
9) Fun. physical and mental enjoyment through sport recreation.

Life’s Benefits: Through Regular Judo Practice

* malady Education. physical and mental development.
* Empathy. understanding the limitations of others.
* Health. regular exercise, diet, relaxation and sleep.
* Increased Energy. the result of regular judo practice.
* Meditation. attention to the mind, inner calmness, peace, stillness and tranquility.
* Non Violence. rage and violence extinguished through the discipline of regular judo practice
* Maximum Efficiency Minimum Effort. tenet of Dr. Jigaro Kano: founder of judo.
* Positive thinking. absence of negativity, worry and doubt.
* Respect. courtesy and regard toward others.
* Self-Confidence. conviction in one’s abilities.
* Sportsmanship. belief in the spirit of fair play.
* Way of Life. a guide for judicious living.
* Well Being. Happiness and joy through health

Master kang(6th dan)'s Judo practice

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